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Top MBA programs

Getting the opportunity to earn a business degree allows the students to build on their general business undergraduate programs and specialize in emerging business opportunity. The MBA program enables graduates to take up leadership roles with the organization and advance to better positions in life. For those individuals who had mastered another subject in college may seek masters of business administration and prepare for a new career in the field. Schools that offer this course continually expand their course offerings as well as electives in order to make the professional degree flexible while retaining the core business principle that makes it the most sought-after credential.

Students who are looking forward to pursue and MBA degree program should evaluate the cost, potential return on investment as well as the specializations available. Top MBA schools offer rigorous as well as relevant curriculum that in inline with the current business needs. Below is a list of top MBA programs based on accreditation and tuition cost.

Arizona State University school of business

Arizona state university offers both full time and part time as well as MBA executive programs in Tempe, Arizona campus. It takes 21 months to complete the course if you are a full time or executive program student. Part time students take up to four years to complete the course. According to the schools’ report, 96% of the graduates from the school find employment within the first three months upon graduation. They have a core curriculum that equips the students with general business skills that allows the students to tailor their degree to suit their current goals through specializations or concurrent degrees. The school offers fee waiver for military students as well as applicants who have completed a community service program at AmeriCorps.

Naval Postgraduate School- Monterey, California

The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California is designed to offer MBA curriculum that is able to meet the business needs of U.S. Navy officers, Department of Defense civilian employees as well as defense contractors. The students tend to develop analytical skills as well as expertise in the field of information management, financial management, logistics and acquisitions. The school houses Center for Defense Management challenges. The faculty entails experts from the military and civilian workforce. The MBA requires 18 months to complete and all students are required to take full time studies as part of their military service or employment.

University of Massachusetts School of Management

All MBA students taking full-time learning at the University of Massachusetts benefit from a fellowship program that covers tuition for a two-year program and allows students to work on a real-world business in a collaborative environment. The core curriculum focuses in areas of business analytics, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, sports management and healthcare administration. The students can also get to combine their MBA graduate degree in policy administration and engineering. It also offers hybrid part-time MBA programs so that students are able to attend online classes or at their satellite campuses.

Texas A & M International University

Texas A&M international University ensures that students taking Masters of Business Administration gain a global business perspective. The school offers concentrations in business management, international banking and finance, international business or international trade and logistics as part of their degree program. The campus is located in Texas at the Gateway to Mexico. The schools work very closely with schools in Canada and Mexico to support multiple studies abroad.

Fitchburg State University department of Business Administration

Fitchburg State university offers MBA degree with concentration in accounting, human resource and management that is specifically designed for working students. They offer evening classes at their campus in Fitchburg, Massachusetts with some daytime classes in the summer. Students get to progress at their own pace and are required to complete a 30-credit degree for a period between two years to six years. They also have an online program that utilizes rolling administration process to prospective students.

Albany State University

Albany state university in Albany offers affordable degree program that develops analytical problem-solving skills, professionalism and technological competence. The students may opt for an affordable MBA where they can specialize in accounting, healthcare, public administration or supply chain and logistics. The institution does not require GRE or GMAT for applicant admission. Instead applicants need to complete a statement of purpose, current resume and two recommendations.

Harvard school of business

Harvard school of business is the highest ranked school of business in the world. It is known globally as the worlds most elite university and boasts of running the first MBA program in 1908. The university leads globally in terms of employability and is in the second place in terms of entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes. Despite scoring very low in terms of diversity, the institution still ranks very highly when it comes to academic affairs. Students have to pay a large amount of fee in order to enjoy the privileges at the prestigious business school.

Stanford business school

Stanford business school is one of the most highly ranked business school in the United States. The business school receives more applicants per spot than any other business school in the United States. It is well known for its tech-savvy and offers a good basis for starting point as one of the biggest tech enterprises. The institutions lead globally in entrepreneurship programs and is also ranked on top in terms of employ-ability and leadership.

London Business School

London business school is one of the best Universities in the UK that offers MBA courses. London is the world’s financial market and the leading financial institution that is represented in the city. About three quarters the worlds five hundred fortune companies have their bases in London. London business school is ranked third globally when it comes to employability and eight in entrepreneurship and leadership.


Master of Business Administration is a post graduate degree program that awards students who have studied a degree in business to further their learning. Most people advance to MBA programs in order to get better job offers as well as higher salaries that are not offered to those having completed undergraduate business courses.